The selected domain is already in use on infinityfree

Sure, I’ll consider it.


It happens a lot more often than you think. Most requests I see don’t come in through the forum but through email instead. It happens often enough that there is a canned reply to explain that I cannot just do it. And I’ve tweaked the 2FA setup process multiple times to drive it into people’s skulls that they MUST store the recovery codes and that they WILL lose access to their account if they lose both the authenticator device and the recovery codes. But still I get plenty of messages saying “I didn’t save the recovery codes / saved them on my phone / didn’t get recovery codes [definitely not true] and wiped my phone so now I cannot login”.

And that’s not counting everyone who lost their accounts as well but aren’t able to find contact details to get it resolved.

But it’s not just 2FA. The “my domain is added to an account but I don’t remember the email address” also happens very frequently.

It’s been on my wish list to setup some sort of mostly automated process for this, but it’s very difficult. There are so many variables to keep in mind, such as:

  • Does the person need access to the account (to extract backups and whatnot) or just need to have the ability to reuse the domain?
  • Do they know the account username?
  • Do they know the email address of the account/profile? Does the email address still work?

Depending on what the user needs and what they have available, the options vary wildly. And then for every option, you need to make sure that you’re not leaking details of other people or giving people access to accounts which are not theirs, while also not making the bar so high that nobody will be able to pass the checks.


That would be normal, but for that money, someone will take a premium and simply leave the free service.

I will close the topic because we slowly went offtopic and so that the OP does not get unnecessary emails (notifications) every time we write something and that has nothing to do with his problem.