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I had problems with my SSL but I fixed that. But I haven’t used my website for some months. Now that (I think) my SSL is fixed, I have a mysql problem.
When I go to mysqlDetails in infinityfree I can see my own details.
When I open the Control Panel and click MySQL Databases, there are no databases there. (I’m not sure if the website needs a database there; I do not use databases for shopping or other extra’s inside the website).
I hope one of the admins knows how to fix this as I am completely lost as to where I need to look.
I tried define( 'WP_ALLOW_REPAIR' , true); for some minutes but that didn’t change anything.
Do I need to use msqli? I have no idea how that works.

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If you have no backup and database is missing, the WP installation is likely messed up.
Perhaps you need to start from scratch again


I think I made a WordPress backup, but that’s probably not the kind of backup you mean?
Would be hassle starting from scratch, it all used to work fine…

Great!! You can use that to restore your website

I can’t find the backups. Softaculous also doesn’t give me an option to make a backup now and the tab for backups isn’t there.
So I guess I’ll just make a second WordPress installation and try to connect it to my website name, to see if I can quickly start a new website that way…

Likely due to this


It sounds like your database is just gone. The Softaculous backup option is disabled, but even if it wasn’t, Softaculous also can’t backup a database that doesn’t exist anymore.

And you do need the database. WordPress needs a database to work, it uses it to store basically everything, including posts, pages and settings. So if you lost the database, your website is pretty much gone.

I’m not sure what “WordPress backup” you mean, WordPress doesn’t really have built-in backup functionality. But if it is a backup of your site, you can use it to restore it.


I deleted my Wordpress installation, made a new installation and rewrote my pages (still had the texts). Luckily it kept my images and the theme and plugins I had used. They were still on the server, so it was easy to build the site again. Thank you both for the advice! The site is running again!


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