The MySQL Connection could not be established

fixed now

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No, it has not been, some servers are still down


Here @Greenreader9 I have all the information in this topic.

Link: My Website Has Error!

Hi have the same problem " Error establishing a database connection" for 2 web site: epiz_31476331 and epiz_31476283

Could you show us the websites too? It’s easier for The Team to handle the situation.

Yes, sure:

OK, good just wait for a Mod to respond you. :slight_smile:

I have reinstall all. Now all work for the websites. Thank you

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What did you do could you tell me? I’m waiting for hours this is my website:

In addition to some of the database servers having been down, it appears that many (or all) databases on database server SQL102 have disappeared. I don’t know what this means, or if any data loss has occurred, I’m still waiting on more information from iFastNet.


Thanks for your response chief! I know you are trying hard to know the solution for this problem I was shocked too when I saw my website had this error give us a notice when you fixing it though. :+1:

For the 2 sites i have cancel the installation of wordpress with database and reinstall all with Softaculous

Thank you! I will try it.

But did you lose any theme or plugin?

Mine is also down.

The error has affected some people I don’t know how long it takes but the Owner has stated it here that he is currently in touch with iFastNet to solve the problem.

It has been down for at least one day.

Yes, is a new installation from zero

#Error establishing a database connection
Hello i have same error and i have two database both are auto deleted .

MySQL Hostname :
website :

Did you read this response?

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