The MySQL Connection could not be established

username: rephael
control-panel username: epiz_31486278

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The following errors were found :

  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.
  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.

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I filled in all the necessary information and nothing else I went straight from getting the domain to installing wordpress please help me solve my issue


Your website looks fine to me, but it is the default welcome page. What SQL server are you on?


i am not sure what you mean or I am not technical enough to understand could you please explain?

I am getting the same error

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I was using infinityfree a few months ago and it was working fine

im having the same error too


Hello everyone.

Just saying “me too” is not helpful. Can you please share your epiz username, or the database server you are on?


username: epiz_31486355

Can you please tell me from where can I get database server name

It can be found in the client area.


Does this help

Yep :slight_smile:
It looks like 203 and 202 are down at the moment. You can wait it out, or transfer your domain, files, and databases to a new account.

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Can you please tell us from where should we check if they are online again

You will be able to simply go to your website and if it does not give any database connection errors, you will know it is working.

2 Likes yönetici The data on this server has been deleted can I get it back?


All the while trying to install wordpress via Softaclous he shows me the message: “MySQL connection could not be established.”

Can someone tell me how to fix this?

@Alperen1907, the data has not been deleted, it is just inaccessible.


I understand, do you know when it will be fixed?

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No, we do not have an ETA on this issue being fixed.

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Error establishing a database connection


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