The MySQL Connection could not be established error code

Username: epiz_32624818
Website URL:

Hello. I have been trying to install wordpress via softaculous app installer but i keep on getting these errors:

  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.
  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.
    The error message comes up on like 18% installing.

May i please be assisted? Thank you in advance


Try installing manually

i dont know how to do that. is there a detailed walkthrough on that?

Try install again

Managed. Thank you

I see your account is linked to database server SQL213. This server is having some stability problems right now. See this post for details:

If this is a new site, I think it’s easiest if you just remove the domain from this account, deactivate the account, and setup a new hosting account instead. The hardest part would be moving the website over, but if you haven’t used the account yet, you can skip that part.


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