The FTP does not work

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The FTP to the site I created does not work.

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The FTP to the site I created does not work. The message I get from my FTP software: Unable to connect to FTP server on port 21. I tried with different FTP software and even with Web browser. Please advice.

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Multiple users are experiencing this problem, including me. It may just be a part of this:


So, what is the solution you provide? I have a class of more than 50 students register on your website.

FTP is already working for me - not sure if it does for you too.
You can’t do anything - just wait until the problems are solved. Remember that you are using a free hosting. :+1:

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yup im using ftp for like 1 hour without any problem they solved that but ssl still doesnt work…

An alternative for FTP if it does not work you can use FileZilla or it’s the same thing but it’s a bit slow.

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