Temporary suspension of website without clear data suggesting that limits were exceeded

Temporary suspension of the free hosting website - queerinwp com
I understand that there’s limited resources allocated to each free website, but when I’ve checked the control panel (graphs) with the data, none goes above average let alone the maximum limit.

I’ve also read the faq about this topic in infinityfree knowledge base - and since I’m using cloudflare CDN, I’ve also checked the data there, to check if anything spiked out of the ordinary. Not really.

My website is WordPress but still not doing anything with it, not even logging in for days.

I’m uploading screenshot with the control panel graphs and cloudflare info. I’m curious to hear what went above limit?

Hello there,

The Control Panel does not show live and updated statistics of your site, it only refreshed and updates at the end of the day (not sure if the “end of the day” is based on your local time zone or a universal time zone for all accounts) so you can only see your yesterday’s statistics each day.


I got 2 Deactivation History on this account. 1 Entry Proceß Limits 2 CPU limit. I don’t really funded stand those due to my handicap disability. And will I get permanantely banned if I broken the third rule?

Plus I’m fairly new here as well

No, you’ve got 40. After that, your account is suspended forever.


What do you mean by this? not being at legal age of using internet(+13)? or giving incorrect information?

I think he/she means the suspension. @infinityfreefan1 has got 2 deactivations but it doesn’t really make sense:

Isn’t it 3 then?

But as I said before, you have 40 before your account gets suspended forever.


If the graphics they provide after website suspension is not full and accurate, then it’s a deceptive behavior to push the free accounts to premium…

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Note that the statistics shown are “accurate” in the first place.
Statistical data for your site needs to be at least 24 hours to be considered as “final” and then added to the graphs.

CONCLUSION: All you’ve seen data are “correct” but it needs to be at least 24 hours.

There are many factors why there is a sudden spike of "Entry Process" limit and "CPU" usage especially if your using a heavy, unoptimized "Wordpress" and it is all based on how the codes and visitors behave.

If it’s accurate then I didn’t pass any limits as the graphics show… and the website was live for few weeks now so 24 hours of data were aggregated.

As for the optimization, I’m a WordPress developer and this site is still just with test data and my simplistic theme from WordPress.org repository… few of my basic plugins, no advanced functionality.

And I didn’t promote it yet, so no sudden spikes in visits as Cloudflare data shows in the screenshot.

one this account, I have just one which is entry process limit. on my other account, I have 2 which is entry process limit and CPU limit. what are those exactly? can can strikes be erase? I’m new so I don’t know much

Each account can be banned 40 times before they get banned forever.

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and no, strikes cannot be erased @infinityfreefan1.

Well, you have this or nothing. And you posted this topic 18hrs ago. 24-18=6. So you have 6hrs.

And if after 6hrs, it still shows it’s under the limit on the graphs, then this is undoubtedly the reason posted by the admin:

Also note that VISITORS, DAILY HITS & REQUESTS are different to ENTRY PROCESS & CPU LIMITS. They are simbiotic in some way but they are completely different.

If you believed your website is using less power, then you can’t also blame the graph, as it is only the statistics in which being calculated based on your website.

You can’t also blame the suspension algorithm, as it was also based on your website’s activity.

Overall, just like I said, there are too many reasons why limits are achieved. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not really, it’s accurate, it’s just that it only updates every 24 hours and the stats you should see once it’s updated are accurate.

if you get lots of visitors on the web, you could get a suspension? that’s weird. also I’m fairly new so my account hardly had some users. @Technical.Legendz also, earlier like when I was uploading, I was on another site and the upload took slower than I imagined. could those cause the suspension as well?

I hardly upgrade. I’ll be honest with that. as I’m not really technology savvy, I still don’t know how much how web hosting works. I upload because I’m a fan of another website I seen. it’s under hosting as well. I stop trusting google much due to YouTube’s copyright policy and most of their policies screwed people from what I heard

@UnknownLolz why would infinity free Adkins allow this. but somebody need to talk to them if they’re playing deceiving people. people have a right to join the web as long as they’re not breaking the TOS. it’s like taking advantage over people

I’m sorry but what do you mean? What did you meant about “Admin” allowing this? Also which part do you believe they are decieveing and taking advantage?

Yes of course people are free to join the web but what are you referring to “taking advantage of people”? And why do you say it’s like taking advantage over people? Which are you referring to?