Temporary suspension of website without clear data suggesting that limits were exceeded

If the graphics they provide after website suspension is not full and accurate then it’s a deceptive behavior to push the free accounts to premium. I misread this comment and I assume you was mentioning this until I read it again that someone else mention it. also can I ask you one question? say if you uploading on this site, but you on another internet page, can it cause interference and allow the page to be slow? I got 1 suspension strike on this account. my other account I have 2. 1 for entry process limits for this one and other account later on. for other account, I also have CPU limit. what are those exactly? I don’t know much about CPU tech though

While I don’t know the reason behind why the graph only updates every 24 hours but the graph was and is accurate even before your suspension, it’s just that it is not the updated and latest information about your site, the stats you see today are your stats yesterday and not today since again it only updates at the end of the day.

Sorry but I didn’t quite get you there, if I’m understanding correctly this is my answer: If you are simultaneously uploading contents to your site then I’m not sure but i guess it should affect your speed performance.

These Knowledge Base articles should help you with your questions:

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You wouldn’t get suspension for that, but I’m assuming it would just add on to your daily CPU.

From what I understand from talking with iFastNet, the graph generation code is quite buggy. There was a similar confirmed case with the CPU limits, which they fixed. It seems like the same may have happened here. I’ll ask iFastNet to investigate.

But that doesn’t mean that this is all an evil plan to extort you to upgrade. Because I hope it should be obvious that clearly wrong information and unexpected and unexplained outages are not a great foundation for good customer relations.


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