Switched from GoDaddy and cannot figure out how to update Email settings

I have a godaddy domain and using the free hosting here.

I am trying to follow the guide provided from GoDaddy in order to change the email settings in the DNS but I cannot find all of the places that I need to make changes. For instance, I need to make changes to SRV settings but…I cannot find where this information is within CPanel. I also would need to delete the MX records and add my own but, it will not allow me to do so.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to update these settings so that I can get email functioning properly I would greatly appreciate it. I am really not used to this CPanel yet and it shows :frowning:

Hey there!

SRV recods can be added in the “SPF” section (Both are TXT records, so it does not matter). Thats not right. I confused with something else.

You cannot delete the MX record that is there (Its weird), but you can add your own.

For full control over your DNS zone, I recommend that you use Cloudflare:


Not quite. SRV records are actually unique record types, and the host part they use is very important, which doesn’t apply to SRV records.

Which means that these records cannot be created on free hosting at all. If you need these records, you’ll need to use different nameservers.


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