Suspension notice


This is ridiculous! I have gotten this the last two days:
Your InfinityFree account epiz_28903129 (Website for has been temporarily suspended.

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.
Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information about why your account is suspended, check the client area.

On June 30th I was working a lot on the site, so maybe it could have gone over that day, but there’s no way there is enough traffic for it to go down again today. I don’t even know what to do about this.

So stupid. Just so you can try to get a paid account. Please advise.

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What did you install on your site? Maybe it’s using a lot of processing power.
Or your site might be getting DDoSed.


If you have a lot of files or visitors (eaven bot ones), you can get pushed over the limit. You can try using Cloudflare or removing unnecessary files.


What is DDoSed?

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack


That’s what infinity free is doing to me…

IF doesn’t ddos

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DDoS is a crime. IF is not a scam, and provides reliable hosting. IF is not DDoSing your site. You probably have too many visitors, or files. Please try removing some files, or blockings bots from your site.


There’s no way I have too many visitors. It was only up for about an hour in between suspensions.
I’ll try removing files and blocking bots.

Bots. There are many bots that could have entered your site, from Google, Bing, MS, and even private ones searching for sites to hack or spam. Each one can count as multiple visitors if they keep refreshing your page.

Might be your files than. If your files require a lot of server power, a single visitor (you) can use a lot of power, and suspend you pretty quickly. If you have server heavy files, you will need a paid host.



Note that the site does not in suspend as soon as you get the email. The email just means your site is read to get in suspended, not that it actually did. Just wait a bit, and it will come back.


Is cloudflare recommended with IF? It wants me to change the nameservers again. Is this okay to do?


Here, you can follow this:

Yes, you will need to change your nameservers, but you will create an A record so your site will still show.


Thank you so much for the article! It helped a lot. In the article it talks about SSL. Do I need to change that to cloudflare, since I already have it on IF?
Again, thanks for all of your help.

If you already have one on InfinityFree, that’s perfect! Just change the SSL setting in Cloudflare to “Full” for advanced security. Don’t let your certificate here expire, or you will get an error.

Not a problem!

Perhaps you can help me to know what to do next. I’ve been off for a few days, and I noticed that on July 3rd it came back online at 4:23pm, back off at 5:08pm. On the 4th, off at 6:23pm, band on at 7:09pm. Yesterday I never got notice it came back online, but went off at 9:11pm.
I don’t even know which files would be causing a problem to delete them. How can I work on the site without being able to get to the dashboard?

It could also very well be certain softwares, apps, or plug-ins you have installed on your site. Some softwares, such as WordPress, are well known here for using enough CPU resources to make your site get suspended even if you receive little to no traffic.

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Seeing how you’re using Cloudflare, one stop-gap measure could be to enable “I’m under attack” mode on your website. That should stop bad traffic from hitting your website and may keep your site online.


Yes, I did that and it lasted about 8 hours instead of 1. Just trying to figure out how to configure everything in cloudflare to get rid of the bots.

I put blocks on cloudflare for certain countries, a well as “I’m under attack” mode, and the site only stayed up for a little over an hour after coming back online.
I’d like to work on the site to force visitors to https: but I can’t keep it online long enough to do anything.
I am very frustrated. About ready to give up.