Suspended when viewing my art gallery

A friend of mine was viewing my art gallery at when my site got suspended for entry process limit

not sure why that happened as my site is very simple and doesnt do a lot, there is index.php which loads the flat art.html page so pretty simple. not sure why i hit the limit for that ? its not loading any other php files

heres the graph but doesnt really say much to me anyway


maybe someone can understand it and shed some light


maybe this is due to the recent ddos attacks im seeing people posting about ?



thanks, i do understand about the entry process

but my site has an index.php that just loads one of the flat .html files chosen by the navigation menu so its not loading any other php so it shouldnt have hit any ep limits

i has to be a ddos as i cant think of any other reason

Well you do have Cloudflare on your website, so why don’t you look at the stats from their?


good idea thanks

yeah 160,000 hits yesterday from the netherlands

That would do it. I would turn on under-attack mode for the new few days, or create a firewall event for the netherlands (Force JS or Captcha check), either works.


thanks, i’ll do that

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btw the ip address is google cloud platform :frowning:

i set a firewall rule to block the ip address

i hope that works

Don’t block the IP. All that needs to be done to get around it is refresh the IP. Setup up a JS challenge for the country, or for everywhere.

ah yes thanks

@Greenreader9 I set the rule for js challenge from country netherlands and it seems to be better, these are the only requests from the netherands showing in the firewall log

interestingly these requests are all from vodafone



i dont know whats going on now :frowning:
my site has been giving random 502 errors but now gives a 521 error

infinityfree control panel says my site is active

any ideas ?

Working for me :slight_smile:. Could’ve been a random server error.

EDIT = Getting the same error again, I think it’s frequent.

ive been having this issue the last 2 days, is there any way to fix it ?

ive tried purging cloudflares cachebut it didnt help

error 521 means server is down… Patience will help, perhqaps?

so the cloudflare server is down ?

Infinityfree server is down…