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Hi. I recently directed my new domain to my account and instantly it went to I have waited at least two days already hoping it propagation issues but it seems like it’s something else.

Error Message - Suspended website com

DNS Was set correctly - A = Web IP & CNAme = Main Domain

Thank you.

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No, it is not


But I have set A to Website IP & CNAME to Main Domain exactly as with my other domains.

Well, you need to add it to your account so that the servers will accept your request. For that you need to change nameservers to infnityfree for verification.



How do I do that, I’m so confused right now. Previously I would just put IP address & main Domain and everything would work.

  1. Add your domain to your InfinityFree account
  2. Change your nameservers to whatever you had them before
  3. Add the A record based on the IP from the account you added the domain to.

Those are my settings and that’s how all my domains settings are with other websites. What should be my next step from here. I’m totally confused

That will work if you’ve previously added your domain to your hosting account. It appears that you have not done that.

Follow this guide to see how to:


My thing is, I have other domains linked this way to my infinity account to avoid addons domains. Where I put IP & Main Domain & the domain become active as the main domain.

Now I’ve added it as parked domain and hasn’t shown yes. I want this domain to be my main domain

create new hosting account…

Sorry should have said to behave like one. Want it to share the same diretory as the current one & to show on the custom domain…

Wanna see this?

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Thank you team. Hey this b is what I’m getting now now.

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.


  • Checking the connection


Can you please check what I missed?

why are you opening ww01?

your website opens .ga website?

I put then it redirects to that. Yes The current domain is

Thank you so much. Seems like it’s all working now. Thank you again. I will notify if things get complicated again.


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