Parked domain


I have the following configuration:

Domain Add-on:
Parked Domain:

I can only see my site at domain addon/MicroClima/, even though all the files are in the htdocs root folder. Using the URL in Domain Add-on, the “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page appears.

Parked domain access is unstable sometimes, shows “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page and sometimes a DNS error.

When access using the parked domain URL fails, the message DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is displayed.

please help me

For the Addon Domain, it is working fine for me and shows your website content. You may need to clear your browser cache if it doesn’t show the content.

For the Parked Domain, that is NOT pointing to our nameservers! Change them to,,, and from your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel, and then clear your DNS and browser cache in order for your content to show also there!

Ergastolator1 thanks for the quick reply. The Parked Domain has others services like e-mail associated there is other solution that not require DNS server change?

If you already added with those nameservers the domain, then you need to add two A records, one with your domain name, and one with the name of www, that points to the IP of your Main Domain you can get by using this tool, by pasting the Main Domain of your account that can be found on your Control Panel there and you will get the IP, that you need to copy and paste on your domain registrar’s DNS management panel.


Thanks for the reply once again. If I understood I have to create 2 A records on the DNS of the parked domain.
Record A #1 data: ???
Record A#2 name:www data: ipv4 from main domain from control panel

Is this correct?

I don’t think that is correct. Here are the correct records:

Record A #1: Name:, IPv4 address:
Record A #2: Name: www, IPv4 address:

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@Ergastolator1 thanks so much! Everything is working now.

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