Suspended for i/o limits but site is not being used?

Ok, so my site, epiz_26379000, is being suspended every single day, due to i/o spikes. But this can’t be right! This is a new site I created, it is not being trafficked or used by anyone during these days of i/o spikes, including me! I tried disabling Wordpress plugins, until I finally disabled every single plugin. Does not make a difference, I am still being suspended day in and day out, due to i/o! Before disabling all plugins, I also checked all cron jobs, to make sure they don’t repeat more than weekly. Did not matter.

I am assuming this must be a problem only InfinityFree can fix, since I don’t see how anything on my end is creating this?

Did you solve this somehow?

No. I don’t know how to solve this problem on my end, as I can’t see any reason for high i/o activity on a site with no plugins that no one is using. And if you’re having the same problem, and others as I have read, it does appear to be a problem with InfinityFree’s system.

I am having the same problem. I created a very simple site using Wordpress. It worked well for a couple of months. All my statistics (UPC usage, hits, etc.) are close to 0% of the limits. Then all of a sudden, I started to get messages saying I used more than 50% of i/o limit EVERY DAY while I was not changing or visiting the site at all. Then a couple of days ago, my site is suspended due to “io overuse”. I deleted all the Wordpress plug in yesterday. But today I got the same message and my site is suspended again. There is no where in CPanel or the messages can I find what the i/o limit is and what is causing the overuse. I think this is something InfinityFree did relatively recently on its end to force people to upgrade to paid hosting. If any of you successfully solved this problem, please let us know what you did. Thanks!

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Try to turn off Search Engine Crawler on your WordPress setting.
Or my only suggestion is “Don’t use WordPress in free hosting”.

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Thanks adisp007! I turned off search engine crawler and will see whether it helps. I have less than 1 visitor per day on average. The strange thing is that I did not get the i/o usage warnings when I actually had more visitors and made more frequent changes to my website. I have not changed or visited the website when I started to get the i/o messages. But even though with no activities, the i/o messages and suspensions continued daily.

Eventhough your site has no visitors, maybe some your plugins have some tasks running in the background. Even WordPress itself has internal cron function.


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