Account Temporarily Suspended Question

What are Entry Process Limits. . I’m not able to get the paid plan as i am on a fixed income and free is my only option

and how can i keep from going over this limit? are you logging the number of login’s to the cpanel or users websites?

I am extremely sorry,why do you wanna always create new topics?





As far as I know, you are using WordPress, right?
Like I posted about it in here:

It isn’t only in this free hosting. Other free hostings, too. Mostly WordPress users experienced at least 1x suspension from their free hosting.

Maybe you can optimize your site, but you can’t control your number of visitors.
For example, you have average 50 visitors per day.
But in a certain time & in a certain event, your site has 100 visitors. It can trigger limit notification & then suspend your site.

I can only give you some suggestions.
1.) First, ask yourself: What is I create my site for?
Blogging? Make an online store/business? Or for community forum?
2.) Can I do that without host it on the server?
Or can I make that without complicated setup (install, configure, etc.)? Using third-party service?
For example, blogging. You have more than 1 way to make a blog. Not only install a CMS on the server.
You can make it on
Or online store. You can make it using or install an online store template for
Forum? You can create it from
3.) Maybe you only need your personal/business branding by using a domain?
Can I connect my domain to that service?
Some services don’t provide custom domain for free. E.g.:
Blogger: Set up a custom domain - Blogger Help
CreateAForum: [GUIDE] Setting Up Your .TK Domain!

So your hosting account only serve a simple dynamic page/PHP script or static HTML page that those service don’t provide.
With this way, your account will free from suspension.

I am a Amateur radio operator and storm tracker for our local weather office

There is no way to remove the suspension.
Please wait for 24 hours.

lucky When i checked my account it showed 2 hours left

an as far as the topic topic with the same subject . I don’t recall posting another topic like this one

I have more then one site


could that be why my account had the suspension? And yes i use word press because i no my way around it

If all of those sites are using WordPress & inside one of your hosting account, of course your hosting account will be easy to be suspended.
You should separated them.
InfinityFree allow max. 3 hosting accounts for 1 user account.
But I recommend only installing 1 WordPress for 1 hosting account.

I checked all of your sites, even can make a simple blog like those.

& see all of topics in this forum about “suspension”.
I checked their sites mostly using WordPress.
The topics repeat for another days from another/same users.

I have always had more then one site on here and have never had any problems . I would like to speak to the admin . Because what your doing is wrong to me. I’ve never had this problem until new , You don’t like me and you don’t like people that use word press. I can from 4 site on my account down to three . but what are saying is not write and no one like me i’ll just back up all my sites and leave your service . because is very upsetting to me :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: . seem like the special needs users are being pick on all the time .I’m sorry for my rant but i feel this im being told what do and push around

Maybe before now, your sites have a little visitors.
It isn’t admin/this service fault or not about discrimination.

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We’re really sorry, but this is just how InfinityFree is set up. A user gets suspended at least once using the service due to CPU, Daily HIt, or Entry Process limits. This is normal, and accounts get reinstated automatically after 24 hours. We don’t judge if you have disablities or not, we’re welcoming to everyone, and it’s probably against the forums rules to be inconsiderate to others.

I can probably help with this situation.

If you have more than one site on one hosting account, it takes up space too, which adds on to the CPU (correct me if wrong) and 4 sites on one account isn’t good, especially if it’s Wordpress because it’s taking up all that space, and Wordpress is very expanded, which I mean it’s really big file size takes up most of the space.

If you’re still having trouble, let me know. :slight_smile:

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Deactivation History: 0

Because I am not using WordPress. :laughing:

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Thanks for cracking a laugh. Wordpress is seriously just too big and that’s why one of my websites got deactivated on the first day of operation.

When I was sleeping i had would it be less usage if i just have 3 sites on one account make another account and had the other site to that?

Well it doesn’t matter whether you are sleeping or not.
May be you had a lot of visitors.
There is NO specific reason why your account was suspended.
The best to do is >>

I’m part of a group that volunteer’s during severe weather . The following charts show my usage perday . And you tell people on the site it’s unlimited everything , But it’s not . This service is like the phone company.