Account Temporarily Suspended Question


Your InfinityFree account epiz_26306073 (Website for has been temporarily suspended .

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information about why your account is suspended, check the client area.

Well we don’t remove the suspension on request.(Rule applies to all)
You should have received a warning.
Please check your spam folder.


Also you might article related to the reason for suspension of your site. It’s in ClientArea, you should learn ways to prevent your site from getting suspended next time!


One of the Emails say 24 hour and the other say 40 hours

Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_26306073 has utilised its daily resource limit.

This limit is reset every day and your site will be reactivated in 24 hours time (24 hour suspension )

The resources that your site has over used are :

ep overuse

You can log into your free hosting cpanel, and click on ‘Account statistics’ in the ‘Software / Services’ section, this here shows the current month resource usage graphs.

The free plan is a great place to get your site online and making profit, however it does have limited resources available to it, you would need to optimize your script(s) to reduce usage, OR upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium plans have a MUCH higher resource allocation, along with the cPanel panel unlimited disk space, and much much more. For more information please visit Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

Free hosting accounts that are suspended over 40 times are not able to be reactivated / will not reactivate, you should upgrade if there is any doubt !

Once the premium hosting account has been purchased please create a support ticket asking for your free hosting account to be migrated to the premium hosting account and we will do the rest.


It tells wait for 24 hrs.
Please wait

When it is turned on she i install a caching on all my websites to fix the problem ? And My site don’t have a lot of plug-in’s installed . What is the best way to keep this from happening again? I’m on a fixed income and therefore payed plans are not a option for me . Plus i don’t use credit card due to by special needs and plus i’m not good math at all.


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I read it and i don’t understand it at all

What are Entry Process Limits. . I’m not able to get the paid plan as i am on a fixed income and free is my only option

and how can i keep from going over this limit? are you logging the number of login’s to the cpanel or users websites?

I am extremely sorry,why do you wanna always create new topics?





As far as I know, you are using WordPress, right?
Like I posted about it in here:

It isn’t only in this free hosting. Other free hostings, too. Mostly WordPress users experienced at least 1x suspension from their free hosting.

Maybe you can optimize your site, but you can’t control your number of visitors.
For example, you have average 50 visitors per day.
But in a certain time & in a certain event, your site has 100 visitors. It can trigger limit notification & then suspend your site.

I can only give you some suggestions.
1.) First, ask yourself: What is I create my site for?
Blogging? Make an online store/business? Or for community forum?
2.) Can I do that without host it on the server?
Or can I make that without complicated setup (install, configure, etc.)? Using third-party service?
For example, blogging. You have more than 1 way to make a blog. Not only install a CMS on the server.
You can make it on
Or online store. You can make it using or install an online store template for
Forum? You can create it from
3.) Maybe you only need your personal/business branding by using a domain?
Can I connect my domain to that service?
Some services don’t provide custom domain for free. E.g.:
Blogger: Set up a custom domain - Blogger Help
CreateAForum: [GUIDE] Setting Up Your .TK Domain!

So your hosting account only serve a simple dynamic page/PHP script or static HTML page that those service don’t provide.
With this way, your account will free from suspension.

I am a Amateur radio operator and storm tracker for our local weather office

There is no way to remove the suspension.
Please wait for 24 hours.

lucky When i checked my account it showed 2 hours left

an as far as the topic topic with the same subject . I don’t recall posting another topic like this one