Suspended account

My website is showing a suspended account error but when I looked at my stats I haven’t reached the limits yet. There must be something wrong. How do I get it fixed sooner?

My website is

Please read this help article, and let me know if you need further help. Thanks!

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Thank you. If I upgrade my hosting, is there an additional setup or would it automatically work?

Thanks anyway.

If you upgrade then your account will automatically be migrated to premium servers, I believe. iFastNet will take care of the migration.


Just to get something clear: does the client area show your account is suspended too? Because it may be possible that your account is in good status, but you still see the suspended domain page.

All the (known) situations where you may see that page are described here. Account suspension is of course one of them, but definitely not the only cause:

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Thank you. I did upgrade it and it is working now and they migrated it for me. :slight_smile:

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Yes it does show that page when it was suspended, it was quite embarrassing since people were checking it out as we just launched it. But I read the article and it doesn’t seem to ring any bells and the email said they’d have it back up in 24 hours so I don’t think it’s a serious suspension.
From what I remember it was an EP (the bottom left chart) that exceeded the limit, sorry I kinda missed it when I first opened this query.
Anyway I upgraded my hosting so all is working now. Thanks for responding.


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