Suspended account for IO limit

Hello. one of my accounts got suspended for I/O limits. buying a premium through ifastnet can be pretty costly. at least tell me how to get the issue fix if there’s any way. ge5ing multiple suspension can only lead to permanent banned?


I/O limit suspensions, how to fix it without purchasing premium from ifastnet? rn it’s a little pricey for me

Just don’t stress the server disks so much?

I know it’s not exactly a step by step process to fix the issue, but the exact reasons highly vary by website and use case.

Also, please don’t hijack someone else’s topic to discuss your own suspension.


I apologize. What alternative to prevent I/O limits without purchasing ifastnet? Some of us can’t afford it yet. Is there’s any other way? I want to prevent from being permanantly suspension if I keep having these strikes

Like I said: just don’t stress the server disks so much.

The limits we applied are not inevitable time bomb which we use to bully you into purchasing premium hosting. They are fair usage restrictions which we apply universally to all free hosting accounts.

If you hit a limit, any limit, you have two options: use less of that resource or get more of it (by buying premium).

Use less resources? I don’t really understand. Like upload less though. And on certain page deleting some photos, it should work without actually keep getting boot off with the limits suspensions?

I/O can be costly.

Writing information can wear out the hosting computers disks (SSD and HDD do have limited lifetimes).

Also, the CPU limits are probably too high to restrict high usage of I/O, increasing the chances of this problem.

To prevent this from happening, Infinityfree has I/O limits, meaning that you cannot read/write to files in great excessive amounts (like using PHP’s file_get_contents and file_put_contents).

Using less resources means that you should write to/read from files less.

I use JSON files for storage instead of MySQL (I don’t have the ability to set up local host and experiment, and MySQL limits are way more restrictive than I/O limits).

Depending on what you are doing, you can split the work (or completely transfer it) - use I/O for some information storage and MySQL for the rest.


I’m confuse here. so the lesser pics you upload, it won’t really affect the resources? and the smaller the files won’t affect the resources? what about deleting files if WordPress pages gets over crowded?

The more images you have, the more inodes you have. Those count to the inodes limit. But if you have lots of images in one page, every time someone requests that page, you’ll be serving a lot of files. And that counts for the resources limit.

In terms of hosting limits, size only affects bandwidth and disc space. Nothing else.

Wordpress pages are dynamically rendered. They don’t actually exist. They are built from the data in the database every time someones requests the content. There are no Wordpress pages to delete.

Can getting emails can affect’s I/O limit use? What else that can affect it? I’m not really an expert knowing all of these computer savvy thing to know about resources. How to prevent multiple I/O limit suspension. Can multiple suspension like this could lead to permanant ban? It’s pretty unfair if people aren’t CPU savvy to know about resources

IO limits are tracked based on your interactions with the server storage. So actions which read or write a lot of data to or from the storage generate IO usage. Those activities include importing data, creating backups, running exports and installing and removing scripts and plugins.

It does not include:

  • Anything that does not involve your website itself, like email on your domain.
  • FTP traffic.
  • Database traffic.
  • Installations with Softaculous.

Yes, if you hit the daily limit too many times (generally 20 times) your account won’t be reactivated again.

It would be even more unfair if we gave different people different amounts of server power based on their knowledge of websites alone.

I understand it’s frustrating if you don’t understand the limits. But that doesn’t make them unfair.


Sounds good. But it’s very hard when someone doesn’t show and tell. Is anyone aware on how to do these on video? I have an older sibling who handles the bills and it’s hard to afford premium. We’re different in many ways. And reducing numbers, is there’s any way to show me? Your explanation is good. The only thing is I’m very confused with all of this

Do not read/write a lot data to the server, and use less server power by reducing MySQL activity, making sure plugins are efficient, reducing the number of chron jobs, reducing the number of search engine bots that index your site. High traffic can also use a lot of power, but enabling caching can help with that.

I know that is a long and not very well worded list, but I hope you get the idea.


Ah, and what’sxinodes? is it like full memory? going over inodes will reach suspension?

I believe you meant what’s an inode.

What is it?
One Inode = 1 file/folder on the server.
Each folder, image, file is one inode. InfinityFree allows 30,000 (So up to 30,000 files, folder, ect. combined)

Want to know more? Check out this awesome KB article.

Thanks, and hope this was helpful!


Inode limit is 30000.


The IO limit is hard to understand. Probably the hardest to understand limit we have. It’s also quite rare.

If you want, I can take a quick look at your account so see if I can find any obvious causes for hitting this limit. But you don’t appear to have any accounts on this profile.

That’s all good advice, but most of them are not that relevant for IO usage. It’s not affected so much by web traffic (including cron jobs) and definitely doesn’t count database traffic.

I also just merged both your topics.

Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue and don’t hijack other people’s topics to ask your own questions. Unless you’re 100% sure you have the exact same issue, simply create one topic with your own question.


My account epiz_23996988 (Website for has also been suspended for i/o and reactivated about once a day for several days now. This suddenly started a couple of weeks ago. There is no traffic at all! There are no cron jobs. Many have reported the same problem. We all seem to be using WordPress. I have no idea what could be causing this i/o activity - or is it a measurement error? And I have no idea how to fix this - except upgrading. I do have several large images on the website, but since there is no traffic, this should not be a problem.

What I can suggest is try using caching plugins and remove any extra plugin which is not required.

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