Suggestions to make InfinityFree better 2.0

  1. Add a Google OAuth login to cilent area.
  2. Add a CloudFlare link to the Control Panel or Cilent Area
  3. Add a custom theme to the Control Panel.
  4. Add live chat via to InfinityFree
  5. Add button to register domain via iFastNet
  6. Add an option to earn storage

I do find this agreeable, but it would be hard to implement as there is already a complex login system (with 2FA) that works well.

This was discussed in another topic and this reply came from Admin:

Why is this needed? What would it improve? What is wrong with the current theme that custom stylings would fix?

Who would monitor this chat 24/7? And isn’t that one-on-one support (which is what paid hosing offers)? This is why this community forum exists.

This is also agreeable. However, why would promote an iFastNet domain and not just premium hosting as a whole (as is done now)?

That is what premium hosting is for. No free hosting plan by iFastNet can exceed 5GB.

While I do like that you took the time to complete these suggestions, most of them have already been suggested and denied. Also, you provided some good points, but no context, solutions, ways (and where) to implement and just “why” in general, which is essential to have feedback considered.

Let me know if you have any other suggestion/questions!


Thanks you for you suggestions!

I do agree with most of the things that wackyblackie said. But I would like to clarify a few points.

This has been on the wishlist for many years already. But I’m personally not a fan of social logins. Implementing it isn’t especially complicated, but I don’t think the feature is important enough to give it priority.

The thing to understand is that the control panel doesn’t have official theming support. There are some hacky third party CSS files that change the design of the control panel, but I have no idea how well they actually work on all pages.

Add to that that I’m not a designer and I don’t feel comfortable making or maintaining a custom theme myself.

In the end, functionality and usability is more important than how a page looks, and without proper theming support, I just don’t think it’s realistic to change the design without risking usability issues.


Hey admin, PaperLantern is deprecated, any plans for new themes like Jupiter?


Please note that we do not use cPanel, so cPanel’s support schedule doesn’t affect us. It’s not like our control panel will stop working if cPanel releases a new version of their panel without the PaperLantern theme.

I guess the design will be refreshed at some point in the future. But whether it will resemble the Jupiter design, or be something different, I don’t know.


You should add more free subdomains to InfinityFree so more people can host their websites.

I am confused why that is the reason. An infinite number of websites can be hosted on each domain, plus, domains cost money. If my memory is correct, InfinityFree already spends over $60 a year on custom domains for its users.


Most of our domains have less than 100,000 subdomains in use. Many of the popular TLDs have 10+ million registrations, and many more are being registered every day. So people being unable to host their website because we’re running out of free subdomains seems very unlikely.

Or do you experience this differently?

Of course, many short keyword domains are already taken. But I have no plans to add more domains names every time the top-10 keywords are being registered.


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