Suggestion on I.F websites

Since no longer available, this can be removed:

Also admin could change his website shown in his profile:

(Maybe as well as the trustpilot profile)

Just suggesting, and if admin says no it is ok to me


Thanks, I overlooked those! The forum profile and main site are updated now.

TrustPilot doesn’t make it easy to update the URL. There is a quite convoluted way to do it by first setting up a new company profile and then merging it, but that seems at bit unnecessary for now.


Ah, noticed the change.

I just remembered another suggestion I formed in the recent past regarding this topic:

Instead of being “pinned globally”, it is only “pinned”. This means it won’t show up in the “Latest” section, where most users will simply stop here and just went over for support. They barely have the oppurtunity to see it! (And it wasn’t a long time before I noticed this topic :frowning_face: )

I know that the “Solution” button is big, but some still don’t see it and might end up like this:

(The OP changed everything of his topic to just “(Solved)” (was reverted by GR9) )

I suggest changing this topic from just “pinned” to “pinned globally” to gain more exposure to it and maybe, maybe it will make the forum tidier and more organized. :grinning:


I disagree. The more globally pinned topics there are, the less people are going to read them, and just skim right over (Which would be really bad during an outage).

Majority of people already use the solution mark, and only a very very small percent actually change their posts contents once the issue is solved (And it can be very easily reverted).


I don’t quite agree with this. While the situation of changing everything is indeed very rare, the majority of people aren’t using the solution mark these days. There’re a lot of topics that get solved without a tick before the title.

Well, this is bad during an outage, but I believe there’re special ways of giving an outage topic more exposure (e.g. Big blue banner/client area notice). And to skim is better than nothing at all!

One possible change is to change the default welcome screen from “Latest” to “Catergories”, so they are more likely to hop into the right category first and see that post. (Though this seems a bit inconvient to me.)

Ok, I do have to agree with this after actually looking at the stats. Your right, majority don’t mark as “solved”. Although personally, I don’t see it as a big problem (I don’t see the “solution” stats as important, I look at link clicks and “likes” personally).

I forgot about the banner. For the client area, only Admin can make those alerts currently, us mods only have access over the forum, not the client area. (Also, I think only the outages that affect most users are visible in the client area, as it should be).

That will make it worse during outages I think. Instead of seeing the list of topics with the title as the issue they are having (especially on mobile), people will just create new topics instead of chiming in with “me too!” (Making a bigger mess of the forum, and making it even harder to moderate easily)


You do get a point. Forget about this global or not thing.

Well, me myself doesn’t take that as a good option too :joy:

Just 1 more thing!

Shouldn’t this be MariaDB 10.4?

And this is optional


This. If you try to make everything stand out, nothing will stand out.

And that’s not even considering that some people will just blindly beeline to the button that they thing will give them what they are looking for, ignoring all the warning signs that clearly say that it won’t (recent example: self signed certificates). Getting that right takes very advanced UX, which is very rarely a matter of “just shove a banner in their face”.

And people using the Solved button is not that important IMO. When you consider how many people still omit basic information in their support topics, or just plainly send it to a place it clearly says they shouldn’t, is a far more important issue I think. Despite much more clear warnings than a pinned topics.

Technically yes, but I also don’t want people to think “I need MySQL, but this hosting only has this MariaDB thing I’ve never heard about, so I need to look elsewhere”. Those who know MariaDB know that it’s an alternative that’s just as good, but I don’t want to risk losing users who don’t know that.


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