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Error in subdomain of my page

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every subdomain and subdomains that i have registered are overwhelmed by these crappy advertisements

I wrote to and they said it was because of infinityfree

I’ve already set up the website from scratch now more is broken but 1 subdomain works now but the main domain is now with “404! We couldn’t find that page.” fully spammed
I think it’s because I have to wait another 3 days because I’ve relaunched the website


If you just added the domain to your account (That is what it sounds like, correct me if I am wrong), you will be affected by this temporary issue:

Everything should be working within 72 hours. If not, please try removing the domain(s) from your account, and adding it back again.


Not rellay the Domain is Like 3 days on Infinityfree

Looks like everything is working again. I hope

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now has stolen almost all my subdomains again

Can you share your subdomains here? We can’t help you if we don’t know what domains are affected.


You should already know that converts all unregistered subdomains to advertising

And all my registered Subdomains are fine but i dont want have bodis ads in MY domain

Then register them all (jk)

Since you got a custom domain, you could use cloudflare + wildcard dns records


First i can Not registrier Infinity Subdomains
Second, I don’t use Cloudflare, I don’t even really know what that is

Then learn. What Frank419 provided is a good guide.

Not applicable for this case


Bodis can’t “steal” any domains. Bodis serves ads on domains that point to their systems. They do not control which domain names are pointing here. In most cases, it will be our nameservers that do this.

We point all unassigned subdomains to Bodis. If you don’t want a particular subdomain to show ads, you can link it to a hosting account.

If you don’t want this to happen to your own domain, you can avoid this by moving it to a third party DNS provider (such as Cloudflare) and just make sure you don’t have the Bodis CNAME record set up there.

In any case, please don’t bother complaining to Bodis about this, they do not decide which domains point to their servers.


it’s your fault that your system added this record

Can’t you just remove it?

No, sorry, we cannot. It is an automatic system of which we don’t have control. The best we can do is to tell you to remove your domain from the Hosting Account and then add it back in hopes that the automatic system will assign you the correct record. By it appears that your domain is working, so:

  1. Restart your computer/phone/device. This may solve local dns caching issues.
  2. Restart your router. This empties its dns cache.
  3. Change your dns resolver. is my suggestion.
  4. If these don’t work, contact your isp and ask them to flush the dns resolver cache on their end.

It is there for a reason.
We have already provided ways to work around it.
So do it and stop whining.


Yes, we did this. But it’s a conscious decision we made, and your domain is working exactly as designed. I see no “fault” here.


The Bodis record was added deliberately to be able to get some money from unused/expired domain names. This hosting that’s free to you isn’t free, and takes a lot of money to operate. And while I can understand that you would rather not see any ads at all, it still takes money to provide the hosting, and I think that showing ads on domains that you don’t use is a lot better than placing ads on the domains you do use, which is something we definitely don’t do.

If you don’t want ads, then please consider paying for the hosting yourself. Like getting an iFastNet Starter Premium account, which will remove this entirely issue for only $20 per year.


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