Suggest me a way to get temporarily suspended

Can you please suggest me a way to get temporarily suspended.
I am not joking.
I wanna feel it.

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I really wanna get temporarily suspended BayoDino

If you want an abuse suspension, simply upload a malware or minimal bad stuff on your account.

NOTE: It doesnt make sense

Give me your site url, i’ll suspend it for you in 2 hours :laughing:

Uh! I wanna get suspended by cpu usage,ram usage


try this:

for($i =0; $i<1000000000; i++){
echo “Hello World”;

then setup cron job at least every 25 milisecond

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:exploding_head: :rofl:
20 secs executation will stop it.

install 10 analytical Wordpress Plugins. Or set up lots of cron job.

thats why there is cron job


Me be like:





<?php for ($i=0;$i<9999999999999999;$i++){ $myfile = fopen("crazyfiles".$i."txt, "w"); echo "Hello World"; } ?>

Then use cron job. Done.

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Try to give corrupt (but not buggy) SQL like that, it’ll result in that and an amazing suspension.

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will try that out…

Which cron job setting will be better for instant

Still in Windows 7

Outside joking, don’t you think overloading server just for temp enjoyment ( :expressionless: ) will ruin servers?

I’ve windows 10, but i still not want to forget it :slight_smile: