Suggest me a way to get temporarily suspended

i Knew,but I have read a lot of topics regarding suspension(temp). I was wishing to get suspended one day.And today is the day to feel it

IDK what happened,Now I am getting a HTTP 500 error

Even better, feel this ones instead (sarcasming)

Maybe some Javascript code which constantly refreshes the page? That’s a sure way to hit the hits limit. If you create it as a .php file, you may trip the entry process limit as well.


I wasn’t giving tricks cuz i thought it is not allowed, now Admin himself gives solutions about that


I don’t for the live of me understand why you would want this, but who am I to stop people from shooting themselves in the foot if they really want to?


Well, i didn’t think that you’re going to help them to do a risk, but since it is your opinion I’ve no idea :slight_smile:



Blue Whale games…


lol. Exactly.

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