Subdomains dont work

i have made this again
tho still
they dont work

the url that i am trying to acsess is
and i have successfully added a SSL Certificate
also yes the main page is about hacking in games, pls do not send hate
btw on my other sites the subdomains work perfectly, the moment i make it

alr its working sorry


It will be closed after 7 days isnt workin
it was working yesterday

You have mixed nameservers.

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You created this mess yourself

If you are using CF, remove the epizy nameservers.
Make sure A or CNAME record is available for subdomain if using CF.

You may refer to this guide below


I merged your topics. Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue.

The DNS record you set for in Cloudflare is invalid, so half of the time and for half of your visitors your website will not work (depending on whether they connect to Cloudflare’s nameservers or ours). These inconsistencies are also the reason why you should not use multiple DNS providers.


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