Subdomain Infinityfree

I am using the infinityfree subdomain and all of a sudden I get a red screen saying that (visiting this website may harm your computer)

see here for more info: has Google malware warning

And what is the solution?

There is none so far, as you can read in the topic.

Ok so the page is lost, thanks

Lost? What do you even mean? Just read the linked topic please before you make any random assumptions.

I have read it all and at the end it says this (There is nothing you can do yourself. It is a problem that infinityfree has to deal with, hopefully soon).

Yes, and it also says that the site is still available if you click “see details” and “ignore warning”. If a site is “lost” it means the files are gone and cannot be retrieved.

@EnemiMusic @andokay The solution is use a different free subdomain, as is blocked by most browsers.

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