has Google malware warning

I use free hosting from infinityfree (love it, btw!) and today a friend of mine made me aware of the fact that the domain has a Google malware warning: Google Transparency Report

It is not related to my hosted site, some website with the URL … appears to host something fishy and thus the entire domain is being blacklisted by Google and therefore Firefox as well.

I would appreciate someone with authority to look into this as it is clearly impacting my website negatively (as in: people don’t use it when they see this warning or even blocking).

Just had exactly the same thing with my site.

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I got the same warning. My site is very new and very small, I checked all the files I’d uploaded and they were all fine. I didn’t check all the WordPress files, so I couldn’t be completely sure whether it was just my site or if the was the cause of the problem. Since other people are reporting the same thing, I’m guessing its the latter. If so, this will probably hit a lot of accounts.

It has been an eye-opening experience to see the kind of control Google has over the net now. They can shut down a site without warning and don’t need to give a precise explanation, just some vague concern. and it’s not like they give you a warning and let you proceed at your own risk – it’s a hard lock; that seems excessive.

As I mentioned in my opening post, the red flag counts for the entire domain, it’s not any particular subdomain (that’s why I provided the link to show that the entire domain is red flagged). Also, you actually CAN ignore the warning. You need to click on “see details” and then click “ignore warning”. However, I assume nobody would actually want to take the risk, so…

I temporarily created a new subdomain with a different domain that is not redflagged where I moved my website (it’s literally only a HTML file and a CSS file), but I hope the people at Infinityfree will fix this issue ASAP.

ok, didn’t see the link in ‘details’, it’s sort of buried.

but I opened a fresh tab and re-loaded and no problem, so it seems to be fixed, at least relevant to my site. I did add that ‘owner’ html tag they provided, so not sure if it’s a general fix or not.

Mine still seems to have the same issue. Really not sure what to do about this…is the host aware of the issue? Or is there a way to of letting them know?

Admin knows, it’s just a weird thing, I’m sure he will look into it being removed

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I just took another domain name and deleted my old site so no problems

So does mine. I don’t know what to do.

That makes two of us, I’m hoping Admin might pop on this thread at some point and tell us what’s happening…

There is nothing you can do yourself. It’s an issue infinityfree has to deal with - hopefully soon.

Is it an issue affecting everyone hosted right now, or just those without their own domain name?

My site is basically a new one for a friends business that I’m building and hosting here so I can test it etc. His original site is still live but I’m now pretty much at the point where I can take it down and launch this one (by moving the existing domain to this new website).

Wondering if it’s worth me accelerating this process to get around this issue now. But if that’s not going to resolve it I’m probably best off waiting to see how this gets resolved…

It is an issue with some of the domains from infinityfree. I have temporarily moved my site to a different infinityfree domain that is not redflagged (

Unfortunately, this can happen at times.

If you don’t want to be affected by this, you can move to a different subdomain (although there is no guarantee that it won’t be blocked in the future), or get your own domain name and use that instead.


Thanks Admin,

Is this something that will come and go over time? Or is this block likely to stick from now on?

Either way I’d best get my domain sorted out I suppose!

All I want to know is: what is being done about it and when can we expect the situation to be resolved?

How can I change my subdomain without moving all of my website files?

I requested a review at Google for the currently blacklisted domains. If or when the block will be removed, I don’t know. And I have no way to guarantee this won’t happen again., and are all blocked

You could get a free domain from