Sub-domains not working.. (Main Domain working well ! )

Help Me …

i have created a website in infinityFree. but the matter is not working my Sub-Domains. my Main-domain working perfectly . i did understand what is the problem . I have been using this website for several days. But the Sub-domain is no longer available today. i don’t know why my domain only working perfectly ??!!
Before some-time my issue is , sub-domain working and main-domain dead. i have solved that issue by contacting support. after that started the new issue, Main-domain working and sub-domains not working, what is it ? i have confused !!

Error Message

[Showing the result in Chrome when open Sub-Domain] :arrow_down:

This site can’t be reached

** took too long to respond

This is expected as you have just re-added your domain. You just need to wait


Iam still waiting

Funny though, is “recipes” a new subdomain? 21599 IN A (ok) 21599 IN A (ok) 21599 IN CNAME 11776.BODIS.COM
11776.BODIS.COM. 10799 IN A (not ok)

I would expect to resolve to
This is the anomaly so far.

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I’m gonna tell OP to re-add his subdomains too.

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Who is OP ?

ooh! nice! its for my client. :smile:

Please Explain ?

I believe @anon19508339 is suggesting that you re-add the affected subdomain to see if it can resolve you subdomain issue


What I am trying to say is normally the subdomain will resolve to the same IP address of your main domain.

Since is pointing to, I would expect “store” and “recipes” to point to the same IP as well.

i re-added every sub-domains… but still not working…

Ok what should i do to solve ? how to repoint ???

My best guess is wait till “recipes” resolve to a correct IP…
I wonder if there is a way to raise support ticket to iFast if issue is still not resolved after 72hrs?

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Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue.

Let’s keep it all centralized here: