Stream Problem

Why can’t I play the live broadcast on the website I just opened, but I can play the same live broadcast on the other site?

this error “(The broadcast stays on the loading screen and does not appear at all.)”

Did you make new forum acc?

Same question, same location, the same content on the website


no, I’m a different person
Just the infrastructure we use is the same, they sell this infrastructure, please help, the video player is not working.

The issue seems to be the same:

All streams I’ve tried throw a 403 error unless I directly visit them, in which case I receive the file.

That being said, your website seems to be providing access to what appear to be illegal streams of TV channels, and it is suspended now.


This site does the same thing, but?

Don’t worry, it will probably be suspended soon as well.


I won’t do anything like this again on your hosting, but I have a question. Where is the error? Why is it not working? How can I fix it?

Just watch sports through your TV subscription?


Are you kidding me. I want to solve this problem. Is this enough for your help? I want to solve my mistake. I won’t be broadcasting sports anyway, it’s just in the infrastructure, I’ll start live broadcasts myself after that, this happened just because I got that infrastructure.

I think there are automated filtering systems
you can alternatively embed a youtube video or sports livestream on your site,


My thought exactly.

You are sharing pirated sports streams on your website, clearly and flagrantly violating both the law and our terms of service, and now you demand that we help you do this?

I saw you site. You were streaming a soccer game. That’s illegal.

Next time, if you are going to test streaming infrastructure, please consider using testing material that you are actually authorized to use. There is tons of old public domain and newer CC licensed material you could just be putting on a loop that would work just as well.

Committing a crime “just for testing” is still a crime.


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