Stream problem

Why can’t I play the live broadcast on the website I just opened, but I can play the same live broadcast on the other site?

this error “Your browser does not support playing this video. Please try with a different browser. (I tried all browsers, there is no problem with streaming)”

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I think you wrote the address wrong
Judging by your username on the forum, I think this is the right address


Yes sorry.

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my browser throws an exception and goes to debugging
for the first and second video in the list

Screenshot 2023-12-14 203839

but the third one works (and several more in a row)


But it doesn’t work either, although there is no problem in normal broadcasting.

Can you explain what is not working, where, etc.


thank you for help

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when I have an ad blocker on, a lot of things break (which is to be expected)

when it’s turned off, I sometimes get a 403 for the stream, but that’s to be expected because I’m probably being blocked or I don’t have access

A lot of icons and other things are missing on the page, and that’s a problem with CSS and so on

the simplest thing is to open (F12) and look at the console
after you refresh the page

and fix problems

when your site uses HTTPS then all URLs must be https and not http (mixed content)

you have to correct that


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