I cannot believe what Is written in the forum…
IS ZEROSSL NOT WORKING WITH INFINITYFREE??? But THE SUGGESTED OPTION when you go through the infinity free SSL certificate process!!!
Actually is not working… In fact, and I can’t even access the admin area of WordPress…
If is to write the htaccess with new instructions I can’t either… Doesn’t work the edit… Go mad
Just says not found, and if you look details says that the server is unknown, the certificate is self signed or the server is not sending connect intermediate certificate…

I use ZeroSSL for my website and it’s working. Could you check the client area for the status of the certificate?

Could you share your URL so we can test it?

It could be your htaccess rules are invalid.


Yes checked, says: issued,
Certificate installed, I made it automatically

And about htaccess how can you edit??
I read an instructions text in the forum to write in htaccess if the website is not working with the new SSL but I tried and I couldn’t…

The URL is:

That is because your website is on the IP address
That IP (along with others) is having stability issues for the last couple of days.
Read the article below for more information on the issue:



Fantastic and what should I do?
Still like this… And still no access to wpadmin …

Any idea?

Taking the risk in advanced options it opened this time, there’ s anything, l made 2 static pages… Wp site… Does anyone know how is to set with static pages?? (that is what I did on the homepage customized. settings… But anything look published…)


Regarding the server stability: see the announcement for ideas on what you can do.

For the wp-admin issue, I’m not sure. I’m quite sure that this issue is not being caused by the ZeroSSL certificate itself or the way it’s installed on your site. The certificate itself seems to be setup correctly.

But I also don’t quite understand yet what the actual problem is. What do you see when you try to access the admin area? Where do you get stuck?

I took a quick look at your site and I see you have multiple security plugins installed. Security plugins can provide additional protections for the WordPress admin area, such as changing the URL or implementing login restrictions. Those features can help protect your site, but if configured incorrectly, you can lock yourself out.

We can probably help you figure this out, but to do so, it would help a lot if you could describe the issue in detail instead of pointing at ZeroSSL as being the issue.


OK, was happening what I wrote: not found and checking details was noticed the certificate, self signed and not good server transmission, you explained about the I’d …
Now it say 1tine looking x the website: cannot complete request, 2: 502 bad gateway, 3 it uploaded, (header, background, + article not found)

I could enter in wp admin, there are no more pages, posts…

I tryed to use malcure but uninstalled quite quickly and deleted the account,; after defender and set a couple of things suggested , not yet the header musk x dds… Then I wanted to clear cache ( hopefully the unuseful old pages copies uploaded from external source that I coyld’ t find in at archive, database… and I used sweep but just x bin so I uninstalled and used optimizer, that suggests all in one wp migration x backup before using it. I cleared a little pages caches anyway and didn’t affect the pages, but I couldn’t make the backupcopy, it stopped, the second time stopped in the second stage…
Is desperatung all this… I downloaded from export tool a copy of all contentbefore this mess but I know it will be probably just a couple of texts and header/ footer…

Is more than 1 months work, third time I do it. Help.

For starters, I recommend against using backup plugins. At least on our hosting, they tend to break more often than not, and generate high server load which may result in your account getting suspended. If you want to backup your site, we recommend to just backup the files and databases by hand instead: How to backup your website

I also did some debugging on your site to figure out this issue. It did take me some time to spot the issue, but at a few places, it said “There has been a critical error”. This usually means a PHP code crash. Enabling WP_DEBUG showed the issue was in the WordPress core, not a theme or plugin. And I saw some notice saying a WordPress update failed.

So I think either you or the WordPress auto updater tried to update your site to WordPress 6.1, which resulted in your site getting corrupted: How to safely update to WordPress 6.1 (and fix your site if you didn't)

Fortunately, you can probably fix it without losing any data by following this guide:


And where should I install it?
All new ? Account, database…?And then upload a backup?

Actually reading about the heath state of the site was suggested to update the plugins, theme, and wp version and I set autoupdate it’ s true, working with everything less wp version…

But the critical errors began after backup and malware scanning of defender not successful too…

In the meanwhile the SSL was trying to set


Ignore it for now

If you are using WordPress, perhaps you should read this first

Not advisable to use backup plugin on free hosting


On top of your existing website. So that’s the htdocs folder.

No. Please read the article I linked to. It tells you what you should do, and it doesn’t say to do any of those things.

Don’t create a new account, a new database or restore any backups. You can create a backup if you want just to be sure, but if you follow the guide I linked to correctly, you won’t need it.


Right, sorry, I read before the wp guideline lin.
Still questions anyway: where should I find the WordPress code and is reffered to my website or to the fresh WordPress downloaded file, and when I find it what should I do? Just click “overwrite” in the windows should open asking “what you want do with it?”

Please carefully read my post and the article.

Original source code is on, your website code is in the htdocs folder, and you need to overwrite everything (if you’re not overwriting files, you’re not uploading the right files to the right location).


I looked the articles, and l looked x the code in httdoc, I couldn’t find it, what’s the name, sorry? And still do l need the source code or my website code ?

Do you mean this?

If so, read this article

Answer is actually here

You need to write more clearly. I really had a hard time trying to understand you


If you looked inside the code, it means you did not follow the guide.

Once again: this is what you need to do:

I don’t know what else I can tell you. None of the things you’re saying make sense in the context of that guide, so the only thing I can conclude is that you’re not following the guide.


Ok ARTICLE: title:
“Upload the WordPress code TO your website”

“After finding the WordPress code OF your website, you need to find the…”


And what is not clear in this question?

"where should I find the WordPress code and is reffered to my website [] or to the fresh WordPress downloaded file, and when I find it what should I do?

Just click “overwrite” in the windows should open asking “what you want do with it?”
This is practically literally a phrase of the article…

And here? I wrote:

“and l looked x the code in httdoc, I couldn’t find it, what’s the name, sorry?”

You wrote:
“If you looked inside the code, it means you did not follow the guide.”

I looked inside the code??? Where l wrote this???

I looked inside httdoc, between tens of files and folders and l have not seen a website code file, OK???

Are you playing or what??
I spent more than 1 months trying to fix issues not created by me… Reading staff , articles… I have not all this time to fix your issues!! If an update break a web write to be carefull instead of pushing people to update, if there’ s something not clear in the articles l ask, cause they are not clear if you consider the thousand options making lot of details different in each case…