SSL with a fowarded domain

my user name is epiz_22004826 and I’ve gotten the error message while trying to certify my site with SSL via the control panel:

"The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name ( was seen) "

Other Information

I’m trying to add SSL to a domain i have hosted here forwarded with godaddy (colinnet dot com) - Is it even possible to add SSL to this (kind of forwarded) website? I tried to add SSL to just “cheerymood(.)rf(.)gd” in the SSL tab but it said it had to be a domain - so I followed all the free SSL install instructions for colinnet dot com instead - (added the cnames to my godaddy account), got my ssl certificate, copied and uploaded the key in my control panel, copied and pasted the certificate and upload it and then finally get the following (above) error.

Arg. I haven’t messed anything up have I? What do I do now?
Is it possible to even do what I’m trying to do? Where did I go from if not?

Hello there,

As what the error stated, the SSL certificate is not registered to meaning you’re not allowed to use the SSL certificate for that domain, make sure that the common name is registered to your domain.

Also just to let you know is that there’s currently no way to get a free SSL for a subdomain but it’s possible to install an SSL for a subdomain under your domain.


Blockquote make sure that the common name is registered to your domain.

I’m sorry but can you please explain this in further detail? My godaddy account is already set up to forward the cheerymood address to colinnet successfully - although I just checked my settings and the Forward Type is set to temporary (302) not permanent (301) - is this what I need to change? Thanks!

You can refer here for more information:

Also btw you do not need to install an SSL certificate to your subdomain “cherrymod” since what’s important is that your main website has an SSL certificate to encrypt your website traffic.

I suggest you use the 301 permanent forwarding type if you just want to use your subdomain to forward all traffics to


Ok im sorry and might just be giving up. ;_;

I dont understand what to do next. i still have no idea how to do this part:

make sure that the common name is registered to your domain.

or this part:

Also btw you do not need to install an SSL certificate to your subdomain “cherrymod” since what’s important is that your main website has an SSL certificate to encrypt your website traffic.

I might try again tomorrow. BTW is the solution even free? I’m so confused. Good night!

• As what I’ve said you cannot get a free SSL for your subdomain “” since only subdomains under your domain is eligible. So basically you cannot get a free SSL for cherrymod.

• The Common Name is the domain name registered in the SSL certificate, it’s just like a plate number registered to a car. The plate number is your common name (which is just your domain) and your domain is the car in which the SSL certificate is registered to.

Good night to you as well!



You can’t add SSL to this:
But you can if this: or

*Any domain will be HTTPS except for the domains that are given by InfinityFree.


Ok: So I can’t SSL protect my epiz site without paying? And to SSL protect my domain I need to follow instructions for my domain host?? - do you guys have any free suggestions as to how to do this at all?

^ Sorry, I meant suggestions as to "how to do this (SSL protect my domain for free) and have it still work with my epiz site) " - As i already tried a free ssl site/service for my domain and it did not do a thing =(

You can try to get a free own (.ml) domain, then you will not need the epizy subdomains, and so the ssl will work for you. And you can also get a ssl for your .ml domain for free.

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Hmm - a lil bit confused here: I already own a godaddy domain, and my site’s data/ is hosted here on infinityfree, If i were to register a 3rd site (.ml), how would I make it all point to and mask to my colinnet dot com domain? Is that even possible? And if it was possible, I just registered a .ml domain and there’s no SSL options for it (for free anyway) - sadly it’s sounding like there isn’t really a solution! :(; Re: Free SSL for a dot com i already have that my epiz site forwards to.

Technically I don’t NEED free SSL but it would be nice for a domain thats hosted here!

Simply, just add your .com domain as an addon domain in your account/cpanel first and remove the subdomain. Then this will redirect visitors to .com instead of epizy when visiting.

You can get a free SSL certificate using the tool from here and put/registered it into your .com domain:

Do not use the .ml domain since you already have your own .com domain.


By reading this support articles, it will be easy to get a free SSL on your .com domain.

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Thanks but… I already have a SSL certificate that i created yesterday for my colinnet com domain that is still (see the first post) active and verified, however when i click it and get to Step 3 it says:

Step 3: Install the SSL certificate on ||Unable to connect to domain name|

Have no clue what to do at this stage and can’t find it in the documentation! Thanks! :).

Where did you trying to upload the certificate? On your control panel or not? And may we see an exact screenshot of the problem please?


I tried uploading this certificate via the cpanel but found out via the 1st reply that this will not work because my certf. is for colinnet NOT (my epiz account) - So i have no idea what to do now – I’m back to square one - I have my colinnet certificate have no idea how and/or if i even can install it.

Am i supposed to be doing something in my domain host (godaddy) because there are not any pages to work on SSL settings there either - only to buy them… :\

Did you already pointed your domain into infinifyfree namservers and you have already put it into the addon domain?


You don’t need to put it into your domain since you have the .com domain. Remove the rf.gz then try to put the ssl cert again to your .com domain. And its normal that you cant put/upload it to your cause the issue/cert. is only for your .com domain.

That message already tells you the reason. InfinityFree dont support wildcard SSL but only for your domain (colinnet) and the www (www.colinnet)

To summarize, cant be SSL but to colinnet , it will 100% works.

You dont actually need to SSL the site but the important here is your colinnet


Remove the addon domain, because the ssl wont work on it and try connecting the ssl again to your .com domain.

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