SSL verification trouble

Hey, I have an issue about my SSL verifications, so first I have three times the same website, would it be possible to delete the two extra ones?

And the main issue is that one says the SSL is renewed but it still says the website is marked as unsafe (due to missing SSL)

Ookay so it seems like the SSL verification is renewed, can someone confirm please?

However the issue remains that I have extras which I don’t need, would it be possible to remove them please?

SSL is working correctly on your site.

Right now, its not possible to remove certificates from the client area, you can just ignore them.


Okay, sounds good, thank you!

The orders still exist on the GoGetSSL side, and we cannot cancel or delete those.

So basically, if you don’t want multiple certificates, don’t create multiple orders. If an order is still in “Draft” or “Pending” state, it’s still possible to fix it, and creating a new order is pretty much guaranteed to not solve anything.


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