Not able to installed ssl

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Why ssl not generating on subdomain
I have attempted 5-10 times but yet I unable to installed ssl.

Can you provide screenshot?


vlcsnap-2023-02-07-14h35m23s420 (2)

I see this


You need to do this


Adding to this, since you mentioned you attempted 5-10 times in which part of the process are you stuck? Can you share the error message that you get, if you get any? That’s what @KangJL meant by “screenshot”.

I just visited your website, and it seems you have an SSL installed, but it’s a self-signed one. Self-signed SSLs only show as valid with Cloudflare, which isn’t supported with the subdomains provided by InfinityFree (such as, so you’ll need to install an SSL from a different provider such as GoGetSSL. To ensure that your website is only available via HTTPS, you’ll need to do this afterwards:


I have done all the things & I have installed SSL via Provide (Go Get SSL).
But it showing that this site not secured yet.
Same thing happened when I installed SSL via Provider SelfSigned.

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Can you screenshot the client area page where the certificate is shown?


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If you click on one of those, is it installed?


Successfully Installed.
A lot of thanks to all for given replies of my question :pray:t2::smiley::heart:.


Please note the issue times noted in the SSL provider comparison tables. A ZeroSSL certificate takes about 10 minutes to issue and a GoGetSSL certificate about 30 to issue, excluding the time it takes to setup the CNAME records and for DNS propagation.

I see you tried issuing two ZeroSSL certificates about 30 seconds from each other, and two GoGetSSL certificates a minute after each other. If your definition of “not working” is “it doesn’t work instantly”, then yes, you’ll be doing many attempts to get a certificate.

If when you see the instructions “please wait for X”, that you also wait for X instead of concluding that it must be broken, you only need a single attempt.


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