SSL Request Failed!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Every time I request an SSL certificate, it keeps saying failed. It doesn’t say why so I am confused. My old certificate expired hence why I am requesting a new one.

I’m using this software:

Additional information: It doesn’t give an explanation of why it’s failing, which doesn’t make sense to me.

Welcome @FutureFlash :slightly_smiling_face: I had a similar issue with my SSL certificate expiring. I ended up renewing it two weeks before it expired since I didn’t know how long it might take, or how soon it would be valid, see my post here Renewing expired free SSL certificate

Here’s what I see when I go to or Clicked ‘Advanced’ to see the message at the bottom which you knew already

I have this problem, too. :neutral_face:

@Pazor01, you can follow what I did (see link Renewing expired free SSL certificate in post #2)

If that doesn’t work for you it would be best to start your own topic, this one is for @FutureFlash

I checked your domain and see that the CNAME records are missing. Although we have had issues with certificates requests failing with a weird error message from Let’s Encrypt, not having the right CNAME records will definitely not let you issue a certificate.


the CNAME records aren’t the problem. They’re missing because I removed them just yesterday because issuing the SSL certificate wasn’t working. but it’s okay. i’m looking for other SSL certificate providers. and yes, i’m aware that doesn’t work with InfinityFree. :slight_smile:

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