Ssl part 2

When i try to do a sslfor my site as shown in this topic

I see the following error . I used a video that was done in the last topic an i get this error

hostname might be something like
and destination might be something like

Avoid usage of white spaces (can be copied while copying hostname and destination) also, avoid using dot at the end if any.

Can I have a screenshot of your DNS Records

Yes, I would like to see that as well. Especially a screenshot of what is actually in the fields in the control panel before you click the Add button.


Are you adding full destination

without any white spaces?


I hope this video help with my problem

As far as i can see on the video, you enter
_acme-challenge (with whitespace on the end). Same for destination, it has whitespaces on the end which result into errors.

So, the probable solution was to check every particular record for any whitespaces on the end and delete any whitespaces. I know you copy it exactly, but you need to adjust and do ^^^^.

Adding there doesn’t work!
Because you have moved your site to Cloudflare!
Proof>DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

So adding in cPanel/vPanel Doesn’t work!

What’s interesting if you take your website off of Cloudflare‘s servers. And then try to access your site it ends up falling apart and he had to reload it from scratch again. Which means deleting the site and starting all over. Luckily I have back ups was able to restore three of them out of the fourth. I know that Google will soon be trying to make it to where you cannot access your website if it doesn’t have HTTPS in it. I’m not sure if this is the case but I read somewhere that if your website did not have HTTPS that Google will flag it. And this is if you use Chrome which I currently use. Is this still the case? And what is the best wayTo set up your website with HTTPS if you had to

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