SSL issues

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Error Message

A trusted SSL Certificate was not found

Why am I being told that a SSL cert was NOT found, when I already have one installed?

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Hi, I habe the same Problems maybe its an common issue?

Do you see this message on Softaculous? If yes,


I can’t select https option in Joomla or enter https in my URL heading.

Why not? Which option are you referring to and why can’t you select HTTPS there?

What URL heading are you referring to?


When you go to the staging area (it tells me there’s NO SSL at all)

on my site.

Go to and it tells me my site isn’t secure.
(And I still just get that blue page)

  1. No, it doesn’t say that. It says that “A trusted SSL Certificate was not found”. It doesn’t say “No SSL Certificate was found”.
  2. In your other topic, both @KangJL and I were able to access your site with HTTPS.
  3. Please read the answer that @TiffanyLynch linked to for you, it answers your question: A trusted ssl certificate not found - #2 by UnknownLolz

We already discussed this at length in your other topic:

It’s DNS cache. And if you browser is not connecting to our servers, then of course it cannot secure the connection to your site using the SSL certificate installed on our servers.


Ok cool, thanks. Good to know. 6-9-2024 Sunday.
Still NOT connecting. Will see what Monday brings.
Many thanks.

I’m up and running! Thanks a million.

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