Ssl issue!

My ssl Issue Has been Fixed already ( Kindly close this topic OR remove this topic)

Did you install SSL cert in the control panel?


no ? i didnt i have only Put Dns and Enabled setting from cloudflare only

Well, you need it.

Please follow the rest of the guide to setup Full SSL properly:

Or switch Cloudflare to Flexible SSL instead, which doesn’t require any SSL on your hosting account. But Flexible SSL is less secure and tends to cause more issues for websites.


yea i have tried with Flexible also but even with Flexible i am issuing that same issue thats why i raise the complaint ok i let me try that steps what u suggest. if i faces issue then i tell thanks for now.

(For Admins Please Do not Close this topic Since my Issue gets fixed i will Tell

thanks Fixed now but my site is working slow title bit from before is this any issue with ssl or ? not

Your site is working fine (and fast) now.

There is no reason I can think of why Flexible SSL would work only intermittently (except maybe the first minute after changing the setting while Cloudflare is still applying it).


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