SSL Free Certificate

**My website URL is:**
Im seeing my website without https. I want a free SSL certificate

I’m using the FTP client. I tried creating a folder .well-known on both FTP and online file manager but im stuck with this error, Error during FTP MAKE_DIRECTORY_OPERATION, permission denied at: “/.well-known”**

You need to create that folder on the htdocs. And, if you want to use Let’s Encrypt here, please read this KB article:

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So it is not for free. How can I then add SSL certificate? Do you have any suggestions?

In The Past I Had TXT Problem And @Ergastolator1 Said To Use CloudFlare And Changed Nameservers And I Got Benefits Like Changing TXT Records And Using CloudFlare SSL Protection.
And @Ergastolator1 Even Said That If You Change Nameservers The Epizy Nameserver And Connection To Infinityfree Won’t Be Affected

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