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Pessoal ,
Vi varios tutoriais e ajuda de pessoas dizendo sobre o SSL free da cloudflare ,
eu fiz o cadastro e troquei os DNS ativei o ssl etc faz 24 horas já mas até agora meu site ainda não ficou visivél ,alguém poderia me ajudar nisso
OBS: meu dominio é da freenom, host da infinityfree e ssl da cloudflare ,

can you please:

1.Speak in english?


2.Make another topic instead of answering to old one?


I’ve seen a lot of tutorials and help from people talking about cloudflare free SSL,
I register and changed the active DNS or ssl etc 24 hours ago, but so far, my site has not been visible, could someone help me
NOTE: my domain is from freenom, infinityfree host and cloudflare ssl,

now in English

When using Cloudflare to get SSL, please note a few important points:

  • Nameserver changes can take up to 72 hours to become visible everywhere.
  • Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to issue SSL certificates for free websites.
  • Getting valid SSL support on your website doesn’t automatically make your website use it. Did you try to open your website with https://{your domain} ? If you don’t get any SSL errors, it means your website is capable of handling SSL, and you’ll just need to configure your site to use it.

Also, like @anon19508339 said, please don’t hijack someone else’s topic to ask your own question. It’s good that you’re checking other topics before posting, but please create a new topic unless you’re 100% sure that you’re experiencing the exact same issue or have the exact same question as the person who created the topic. If you’re not sure, create a new topic.


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