Ssl configured but not working at all

domain name

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Other Information

I created an SSL certificate from the client area and give the private key and certificate in the SSL/TLS section in the control panel(cPanel). and I set the cname record everything is ok.

but my website not updated to https.

i check everything still no hope.please help me.

Have you checked .htaccess file for redirection? @somendas

i checked, my problem is ssl certificate cannot be installed in my website.
i don’t have cloudflare its a simple site

If your website was just hosted in the last 72 hours then be patient it can take upto 72 hours for the website to get fully funtional

Have u installed both key and certificate?
Delete and reupload both!

yes i posted this yesterday night.

yes many times but not working

so you are saying that i have to wait 72 hours then i will again try to install ssl certificate.

U can use clouflare its better !
Coz infinityfree SSL should be renewed every 90days !

i have another problem,

when i use my website on mobile it not showing all styles and design. i have to refresh page two or three times then the design will showing properly.

what is the problem?

I had checked your site!
For me its showing properly without any error except SSL!
So try to check in private tab or incognito!
And clear cache and try!

i use three browsers to test with all clear cache and cookies data but still have to refresh in mobile chrome and duckduckgo and firefox mobile

Which part of style u got error?
Can u send screenshot!
Coz I can view ur site without any issue!

i cannot send you a screenshot but the problem is clear, that
icons are not showing
testimonial slider not working footer design not working

If u r not ready to share sceenshot na!
U should review ur coding yourself in theme files!
As u say styling problem occurs then we cant solve it without seeing and knowing what is the exact output you need!

Have Great Day!

no sir there is not a problem. but when i first time go to my website then the styling not works perfectly, but if I refresh the page the styling works perfectly. so i think this the problem with hosting provider

@somendas, I’m not sure that you mean by icons are not showing on mobile, because it works fine on my phone. It is probably a caching issue, and you can confirm that by using a different mobile browser.

As for SSL, both you and @HELPINDIA should find similar posts in the form, like the one below that says SSL is having issues.

I have the same problem. I have done all the steps as described in the guides to get and install a Free SSL certificate but once I got the certificate and installed it, it doesn’t work. My domain is
I read that someone says you can only wait. Do the administrators of infinity free know about this problem? Thank you very much for everything you do for the community!

Yep! iFastNet is working on the solution.

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