Why my ssl not working on my site ? eventhough it's from infinity free

Username epiz_26436906

Why my ssl not working on my site ? eventhough it’s from infinity free, free ssl certificate.

i used cloudfare and faced issue so i deleted cloudfare ssl certificate and removed the site from cloudfare. then i used infinity free ssl when i came across the admin support answer for someone else who had faced same issue. i setup eveything like admin said. changed cname records and free ssl certificates are ready and i installed the certificates by going through ssl option in panel. but in ssl tab i get these error for 2 days. and the site is also not showing up.

The issue shows on browser is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

while searching for solution in infinity forum i saw a thread where admin said now epizy nameservers are having issue so he said to change namesservers to byet. so i did and the issue stays.

Any help would be great…

It seems like there is no DNS Record telling your domain what IP to point to. When you setup the website on InfinityFree, it automatically adds a couple A Records which point to your domain’s IP Address. It is worth using something like Cloudflare to manage your DNS and add these records back. The IP of your site can be found at: https://app.infinityfree.net/ and then under your website.

Generally, this is down to, as you say, a dns server, I don’t know why it wouldn’t add the record, but I have seen this before, Try again in say, 4 hours, and see if it updates, If not, try using Cloudflare, but remember, your nameservers should be;

However, I have no issue using {ns1,ns2}.epizy.com, so, try again, in a few hours.

can u tell me clearly what to do? i’m new to this sorry.

i tried it. but the issue is same.

What are your current nameservers set as in your domain registar?


Can you try using ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com, as they seem to be working well?

okay i’ll change it now and then what to do?

Nothing, It should just automatically update, change the records, and it should update, and wait for it to propogate

no it didn’t work that’s why i changed it to byet… any other work around for this? or shall i do this manually adding it to cloudflare??

What do you mean it didn’t work?


this was the code it showed.

BTW i’m adding it manually to cloudaflare. can u help me with that?? like which value should be entered where?

You should add the a record @ with the IP address of your hosting account (Find at link Docs - InfinityFree Forum) Then cname for www point to your domain

Yes, It should

or should i add zte3zrdy.epizy.com as IP like u mentioned before?

No, the cname works, and works in browser, and remeber to change cloudflare ssl type to flexible

yes i did like u asked. i got a mail that site is active but website doesn’t show up


I got the error;
An error occurred during a connection to cracko.xyz.

Is your ssl type flexible or full, because cloudflare ssl should be flexible

it is flexible