SSL Certificates Deletion Problem

My account: epiz_31559516 (
As the title says I can’t delete the SSL Certificates from Login to your account - InfinityFree - The delete button doesn’t appear to press it.

Have you tried to do that from some other browser or at Private tab?


Yes and it still doesn’t work.

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Thanks for the info but now I’m stuck with the SSL and I can’t use the SSL from CloudFlare. Even if I remove the private key and certificate key from
Also, I can’t delete my hosting account and create a new one because the forum account is attached to it.

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Delete the hosting account, not the entire client area account. Open the account and click the “Edit” button. Move your domain and files to a new account.

Note that Cloudflare CA certificates are not supported here.


An “Invalid SSL Certificate” error is raised by Cloudflare if you set your domain to use “Full (strict)” SSL mode without having a valid SSL certificate installed on your hosting account. Unless you already got an SSL certificate from another certificate provider, you should use “Full” mode instead.


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