Ssl Certificate

Hello, can you help me install the free SSL certificate?

Hi and welcome to the forum! I suggest reading this guide as well to help yourself. If you still don’t understand it, at the bottom of it there’s also a video that guides you:


DNS problem: looking up TXT for DNSSEC: DNSKEY Missing I get the error

Is DNSSEC activated at your domain registrar? Turning it off should help:


There is no DNSSEC option in my godaddy account.

It seems activated on my end. Can you reach their support and ask them if it’s enabled and if they can disable it?


DNSSEC is a premium feature, they asked for 300 dollars, is there any other way?

Are they asking you for 300 dollars in order to disable it? This seems illogical to me.
Checking their relevant article I see they’re asking to upgrade to premium to have it enabled, and that they offer 5 free credits:

Try letting them know once more that the feature seems to be enabled, not disabled, and ask them if they can disable it without you having to pay.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to contact their support again or they tell you they can’t do anything, setting up Cloudflare might help resolve this:

Cloudflare also offers SSL options and setting it up is quite easy, if you select the “Full” option and use a self-signed certificate, you won’t have to worry about renewals for 10 years!


Hi akkusomer,

You might be better off transferring the domain to Cloudflare for more configurable domain settings and more DNS records supported. The nameserver requirement was lifted here last year so moving to Cloudflare won’t affect your existing free hosting account.

DNSSEC is used to protect your domain from DNS record forgery so you want to have that enabled. This can be achieved for free at Cloudflare so you need not pay GoDaddy for this one.



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