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how do I do that? :point_down::point_down::point_down:
( Only the hosting company can fix this. Please contact them and ask them to configure the site’s webserver to supply the entire SSL certificate chain.

The information below may be helpful to share with the hosting company.

The problem is that OpenSSL doesn’t recognize the site certificate’s Certificate Authority’s (CA) certificate. The URL works in most browsers because they allow for certificate discovery by reading the “Authority Information Access” metadata from the certificate, which contains a URL from which the browser can download the CA’s certificate. OpenSSL does not do this, however.

The best solution is to configure the webserver to supply the entire SSL certificate chain, rather than just the site’s own certificate. Sending the entire chain will also make the site more compatible with older (and some mobile) browsers.)

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Unfortunately, you can’t fix this:

You can check if there’s an option to bypass this check:

What are you trying to do?


I was trying to configure the JetPark plugin…

Jetpack isn’t recommended here, as its massive usage of resources may lead you to hit hosting limits more often.

If you still want to set it up, this answer might help:

Not entirely sure on this, but if using a custom domain, Cloudflare might also help:


I use WooCommerce, and my domain is not custom! Which plugin do you suggest me to replace JetPack?

It depends. What features from JetPack do you need? If you can tell us what functionality you need, we can help you find a good way to get that functionality in whatever way that may be possible.


I would like to be able to use the WooCommerce app on my phone… I can’t log in to WooCommerce…

Sounds like this


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