SSL Certificate

How long after certificate has been issued will it take effect?

You need to install it first


Hi, i’ve tried installing it automatically and manually but to no avail, kindly assist

This is what I see


Please show proof you have valid SSL cert installed


the private key and the cert uploaded

the private key, already uploaded, is there any thing else i can send as proof?

Hey Kang, is there anything else i should do on my end? please assist as i use this to showcase projects and look for work, kindly assist

Seems similar to this

You have to wait for Admin then


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll wait for the challenge to be resolved. Thanks again for the awesome support. Have a good one.

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In the future, do not share even a portion of your Private Key. It is called “private” for a reason: it should only be shared with you.


Noted, I will not share private key with anyone, polite inquiry as to whether there is anything i can do on my end as i am unable to access site via https,

On the SSL certificates page it should show ‘issued’.
Click on the domain and it should take you to the installation area.
In the SSL Verify Installation area, under status it should show ‘installed’.
Your index.htm file cannot have any http:// links, particularly if it has frames. All must be https://

I just did mine and using any automated feature it worked fine. Firefox showed the page when MS Edge didn’t, but that was because I had http:// links in my frames. Firefox worked right away and Edge worked after I fixed the links.

Hope that helps.

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On the ssl certs page it shows issued,
I’ve tried using the automated feature but no change,
I’ve tried installing it manually no change,
what else can/should i do on my end?

Hi, its been 48hours since the cert was issued and hasn’t taken effect on the site,
I can view the private key and cert from cpanel ssl/tls section,
I have tried automated and manual installation but no change,
Kindly advise on what i should do next



I’ve escalated this issue, along with the similar case from this topic to iFastNet. Knowing them, it will probably be fixed within a few hours at most.



Certificate has taken effect, you’re awesome, thanks you! Have a good one!

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