Have set up SSL but just get "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR"



Error Message

This site can’t provide a secure connection
1stcippenhamscouts.org.uk sent an invalid response.

  • [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).

Other Information

I have followed all instructions re. setting up the certs. The last I have tried is the self signed version. In every case I’ve waited days but always get the same error.

I’ve tried adding the certificates both manually and automatically however the “Step 5: Verify Installation” panel of the Free SSL Certification area always says “No SSL certificate was found”

Please advise on what is required to correct this.


Make sure you installed the SSL cert in the VPanel



These are the instructions I’ve followed and I do see the certificate in the SSL settings. Wether I use the automatic configuration or the manual copy and paste, it still does not work.

Do you have any other suggestions please?


Please screenshot proof


This is expected of self-signed cert.
You should get SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt


Hi, I have tried them all as mentioned before with no success. Even with self cert, I would usually expect a warning that the certificate is invalid, not a protocol error. I have reapplied the let’s encrypt certificate, waited the suggested time but it still is not working. What else can you suggest to resolve this please?

Here is an image of the issued certs:

Well, make sure you installed the right one


If the UI works then yes I am using the correct one(…well I’ve tried all three I created anyway). For the avoidance of doubt, I’ve create a new on in the vPanel, waited the 15 minutes suggested and it still does not work (see. screenshot). What next?

Just install one and leave it. Devices and browsers will never be able to get the right one if you keep changing it every 6hours.


I’ve left for more than 3 days at at time before logging this issue, only changing today as a result of this thread. Still no joy.

Of the 100’s of TLS/SSL setups from low level openssl command line calls up to GUI configuration tool, I’ve never seen this behaviour or such long TTLs. This is the first time I’ve used your platform so yes maybe things are very different to the rest, but just how long does it typically take? Up to 15 mins as the configuration page says, more than 3 days (which has not worked yet) much longer than that???

It really feels like something else must be wrong (i.e. a mistake by me or a platform glitch) however give me a concrete amount of time to wait and I happily will.


A couple of hours max

There is currently an outage. Please have patience


I did take a look before everything went down. The SSL installation on your site was all good, and while it can take a few minutes for the certificate to become active, it took way too long for your site. Most likely there was a system issue.

The current outage means that it’s hard to verify things and the people who can fix this probably have their hands full now. But I’d be happy to get this pushed up the chain when the servers are back online.


Thanks for investigating and the offer to push up the chain. Given the outage I’ve had to temporarily move this site elsewhere, so the immediate urgency has gone (i.e. it will now be a number of weeks before I can switch back).

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