SSL Certificate

I have generated a Private Certicate by following these instructions:

  1. Go to your control panel, navigate to the SSL/TLS section and click Configure next to the domain you want to set up.
  2. Click “Generate Key / CSR”.
  3. On that page, you must fill in ALL the fields. If the field does not apply to you, you can enter N/A in it. Then, click Generate Key.

The generated key is in the Private Key box, but when I press Upload Key nothing happens ?
Should it appear in the Certificate Box or what have I missed ?

Hi there,

Once you have generated the Key/CSR, the Private Key and Certificate should be available for you to copy and paste in the boxes, if it did not, you can try again and see if that helps.

If you have uploaded the key/clicked “Upload key”, it should appear in the box once the page is refreshed, you can try again if it did not.

Hope this helps!

I have text in all three boxes, if i “Upload Certificate” it returns an error:

The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name ( was seen)
I have tried this 3 times and repeats the message , incorrect domain ?
and yes, I am inserting the correct name details

What SSL certificate are you trying to insert?
Check if the common name for your SSL certificate is registered to your domain name.

If you are trying to install a a free certificate from Cloudflare then it won’t work because the common name for the certificate is not registered to your site but instead to Cloudflare.
Please refer to this post for additional info why you can’t install a certificate from Cloudflare:

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I think there may be some confusion here as to which sections are being used.

If you generate a private key and CSR from the control panel, then you can use the CSR to get the SSL from an SSL certificate vendor. The SSL vendor will then generate a certificate for you based on the CSR you provide, which you can then upload to your control panel.

Nothing you do within the control panel will generate a certificate for you. There is no button you click and no things you can copy paste between the boxes there that will give you an SSL certificate.

So how do you get an SSL certificate then? We can provide them to you, for free, and you can get them from the SSL Certificates section on From there, we can generate a private key and SSL certificate for you, which you can then upload to your account to secure your website.


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