Ssl certificate with free hosting

has anyone ever been able to get a free ssl certificate for free hosted site?
if so, please explain.
have tried numerous avenues with zero success.
just a lot of running around and failure.
thank you all.

As long as it not a subdomain, then you can get one!
There is a section in the client are that says SSL certificate. Enter the domain, and it will issue an certificate.
This link will help.


except, my domain is registered elsewhere. :-(.

Have you transferred it to infinityfree yet?

no. it’s pointing there now only. if transferring would work, that would be great. i currently can’t afford a transfer fee. :-(.

Have you tried yet? The method involving the client area.

i have tried everything i could possibly find to no avail.

You did this method? What did it say?

will review and report. ty.

infinity free asks me to add cname as follows to my domain.

my domain host asks for this:

i don’t see an area to provide destination for domain name.

does not seem compatible. all other avenues have been tried with ssl.
nothing works.

i simply cannot find a way to apply an ssl or tls certificate to my hosting.

I will refer the admin to this. Be patient.

ty. again, i have tried everything i could think of. no ssl certificate.

The Admin is more experienced, he can help you. Expect a reply by 1 - 2 days.

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tyvm. it does seem to be a difficult situation for me.

I would guess that’s what the “Value” is for. There are clearly no other fields which could possibly hold a domain name, and have no idea what “value” could mean otherwise for a DNS record.

There are only so many settings you could reasonably have for a DNS record. If you know what those settings are, you can basically fill in a DNS record form without looking at the labels.

And even if you don’t have that level of experience, some trial and error can get you a long way. And if that doesn’t work, you could still try to contact your domain provider and ask how you can set the Destination of a CNAME record from their panel.

Almost every DNS provider creates their own panel and the naming tends to be slightly different with each interface. We call it Destination, but it could also be called Value, Target or something else.


tyvm for the research. i will try again. it does take 24 hours for it to verify to see if i got it right.
appreciate the help. i simply cannot afford paid hosting.

i followed instructions from:

manual installation.
everything i tried failed.
i’ve uploaded all files to:
can u please unzip and install these for me?

i absolutely surrender.
there is no way for me to create ssl for my site.
i’ve tried everything.
can someone in admin put me out of my misery and install an ssl certificate so i can be on my way?
this is the best i can do:
thank u.