Ssl certificate with free hosting

please apply free ssl to my site.
thank you. also, please give me the renewal details so that i may maintain the ssl certificate.

You cannot use sslforfree as infinityfree blocks bots except for google and some others.

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You should use our SSL Certificates menu. If that’s too complicated, using other Let’s Encrypt tools is the absolute last thing you should do, because they are much more complicated and error prone to use. If they can be used at all. We offer our SSL certificates tool as the easiest and most reliable way to get SSL certificates on our hosting.

As for, it’s of the last category. We actually wrote a knowledge base article telling that doesn’t work and why it doesn’t work.

If you have trouble completing the steps for our SSL Certificates tool, please tell us where you’re getting stuck and what you see so we can try to help you. Don’t just try other methods, unless you like to struggle and fail.

As for the current status of

The domain name is using our nameservers. That means you need to setup the CNAME records through our control panel, not with your domain provider. Any DNS records configured with your domain provider will have no effect on your domain.

So please follow our CNAME instructions to set the CNAME records in our control panel:


thank u for the help. i don’t think the site would say: ‘Free SSL on all websites’ if it cannot be done.
appreciated. however, it i really strange i can’t get any method to work.

excellent reply. great details. will try the suggested methods u’ve shown me.
thank u very much for the help! :grinning:

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i went through the steps. was able to submit the certificate without error.
i’m assuming it will take time before the site will show as secure?

Once you’ve installed the certificate successfully, your website can receive HTTPS requests successfully.

However, that doesn’t mean your website will actually use it. You’ll need to update the URLs on your website to use HTTPS (this is typically a setting of your website software), and maybe enable a setting or setup some .htaccess rules to make sure that people are automatically redirected to HTTPS too.


ty for the help. i did achieve success with the .htaccess method.
except, i needed to add code to it.
this is what worked for me.

If that code works for you, then that’s fine. But please note that the recommended .htaccess snippet is the one we shared in our knowledge base:

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yes, i absolutely credit the given knowledge base for the solution.
however, it did not work until i added the 'ifModule mod_rewrite.c code added to it.

That’s very strange. Because the only thing the IfModule check does is load the rules if the rewrite module is available. Which is always on our hosting.

But if it works for you, then it’s all good.

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