SSL certificate ready but not issued

my current status showing is ready but i have not get the certificate ,it’s been two day passed help me

I have been showing “We’re currently getting your SSL certificate. Please ensure that the validation checks stay at Ready. We’ll email you when the certificate is ready.” current destination shows “ready” green mark but still did not get the certificate or it’s related mail…help me

Hello and welcome to the form. In the future, please create a new topic instead of replying to a old thread. To answer your question:
Make sure you have correctly set up your CNAME records, if you have done that, you just may need to wait ~72 hours for DNS changes to take effect.

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It looks like the issue was with the client area synchronization with GoGetSSL. The certificate appears to have been issued on April 1st, but for some reason the client area didn’t pick up on this.

We’re going to look into why this did not happen. In the mean time, your order has been synced up and the certificate is ready in the client area.


With due respect actually in a hurry to find the solution I see this question and write my problem here as I am not used community forum previously. I will remember this from the next time.

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